Data Recovery Center offers Montreal data recovery and rescue services, retrieval of information lost as the result of a hard drive crash and corrupt files, restoration of lost or deleted files and data elimination services. As a recognized industry leader our staff has successfully restored lost or deleted files, and recovered data, from storage devices and media that other recovery companies said were unrecoverable.

Data Recovery Center Montreal has a proven track record of success, with a recognized global clientele, we specialize in:

  • RAID arrays data recovery
  • Hard Drive data recovery
  • Laptop Drive data recovery
  • SD cards and Flash drive data recovery
  • Deleted and lost files recovery

We are pleased to offer Montreal clients the following services:

Montreal Data Recovery and Rescue - using advanced tools and processes, we provide Ottawa clients with custom data recovery and rescue and help to restore lost or deleted files from crashed hard drives, failed RAID arrays and servers, Flash memory drives and cards and other media. We can successfully recover lost data from hard drives with physical/mechanical damage, logical corruption, electrical malfunctions.

File Repair - We provide file recovery and restoration services for damaged DOS files, Microsoft Windows files, Zip, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook email, audio/image files across a variety of platforms.

Data Elimination - to our Montreal clients we offer complete peace of mind through our ability to provide total data elimination, making any type of future data recovery attempts impossible.

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